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Owe'd to Toads
by Sprite Mana

When I was young, I'd catch toads in my backyard.
me and that girl down the street
We'd catch 'em and keep them in buckets of water
toads can't swim
But oh, they tried, tried to stay afloat,
like I try to not be like you
Toad, poor poor toad slowly drowns in its cage
a lot like you, my friend down the street
And the next day, it'd be grossly dismantled, floating in the water
a grim prophecy, isn't it
in the bucket, on the porch down the street.
a lot like the weed in your pocket
There aren't as many toads in my backyard as there used to be.
It's too bad.
Maybe they could have taught us a thing or two.

I won second place!


This button is for all those who've supported my peom, which is likely to compete in OTHER contests too.

In week one of the competition I won third, and in week two I won second which allowed me to move up as a finalist!

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