October 2004

Halloween, Thanksgiving, TSF's World Fair, my Ghostie Pal - well deserving they're own spirit page!

    You cannot at all imagine my surprise when i got an e-mail from Ghostie Pal - my Dragon Pal. I hadn't signed up to be one - why do i have one? Well let me tell, all month I've been properly spoiled. Combined with all the other goings on at TSF - well, I was inspired to create a new page for my spirit collection! I hope you're all having as much fun as I am!

October 31st, 2004:

Unfortunately, it is the last day of October, and finally Halloween.

Well Halloween has come and I must go... All Boo Buddys disappear after 12 on Halloween..
But I want you to know I enjoyed be a Boo Buddy to you.. Thanks for playing along...
I am attaching a good bye gift for you.. Enjoy it... Happy Halloween!!!

I tried to e-mail back, but alas, the mail bounced. The addy doesn't work anymore.
Perhaps I can find a way to bribe the ADT staff into telling me who it was?
(For all I know, it was one of them! :o)

October 30th, 2004:

Another e-card!

And more gifties from DRealm:


October 29th, 2004:

(Note to self. Never every trust Outlook Express. You end up losinmg out on lovely gifties like this.)

October 27th, 2004:

First I recieved an e-card.

The this:

Here I am again, I made you a wee gifty... Oh and have you been doing your pages?? I looked at them and you have a nice site.. Grinz, I remember your first site also.. Hmmm, well off I go to see what I can do now... I hope you are having fun with this... I know I am..

Argh! All the guessing is driving me crayzee!!!!

October 26th, 2004:

Tee hee - these are gifts from DRealm!

October 23rd, 2004:

Look - it's my Boo Buddy in her costume!

October 22nd, 2004:

Pinky Blinkies!
Blast! Another .zip batch of lost graphics, but Ghostie did send me the URL- and wow! It's a

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
Send a Spirit Flower!

treasure trove!

October 20th, 2004:

My Boo-Buddy is right - it is too pretty to be scary...

October 18th, 2004:

October 13th & 15th, 2004:

(Did you know that Outlook disables all attatched .zip files after they've been in your inbox for a while?
Suddenly I go back to check on the great gifties I'd recieved - a killer frog and some adopted bats,
and I can't get them! Too bad... :( That frog was mighty scary.)

October 12th, 2004:

Fantasy Fights Jack-O-Lantern
Send a Fantasy Fights Jack-O-Lantern!

And would you believe it - I got a clue!

Hints??? Hmmm???? Hints huh?? What do I do in TSF's... Well ok, I will try..
I do graphics, update pages, make new ideas appear on pages, join in all the games I can,
I am old, tired and I WORK MY DANG BUTT OFF... but I have a lot of fun and make a lot of friends,
I am an old timer here.. I cant remember when I wasnt in TSF's... Well, maybe I can.. oh I know, I am cute!!!!!

ROFL.. Does this help???

Off to play some more....
DBOOing Buddy

Happy Halloween!

October 11th, 2004:

Of course, all the gifties from my Ghostie Pal inspired me to send a few myself!
I sent one of our new fighters, Jeff, for a ride!

YAY!! SPARKLY PUMPKIN! (Wonder what'll it be like to smash 'em?
Don't worry, Ghostie! I won't ruin your work - I love it too much.)

An E-Card that gave me a good giggle.

October 9th, 2004:

October 8th, 2004:

The queston is - did my Ghostie already know that I like piercings?
My industrialesque noser is on my DRealm photo, methinks.
Maybe I really AM being stalked?!

DRealm of Bouncy
I absolutely LURVE bouncies!!! Especially the buddy ones!
I desperately wish my Ghostie Pal would start dropping clues!!!!

October 7th, 2004:

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
Send a Spirit Flower!

October 6th, 2004:

Well a booing good morning to you!! I trust this finds you in great spirits.. I was working in my shoppe and the darnest thing, some pumpkins came rolling in and when I turned around, there were 3 lil ghosties pushing them.. They said they wanted to come and visit you, so I popped them right by the fence and here they are, hope they dont mess with your Halloween toooo much...

Have a wonderful day!! Huggles from your Ghostie Pal.

October 5thth, 2004:

Adopt a Growing Sparkle
Adopt your own growing Sparkle
at the Anime-Movie-Festival.

Witchies! Those crafties at DRealm of Fairies

October 4th, 2004:

ES Mana
Oh, I can't wait to use this one in my dustings!

October 3rd, 2004:

Happy Halloween!
Sent from DRealm of DSpirit.

October 1st, 2004: The Introductory Message

HELLOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just thought I would holler out and introduce my spooky self.. I will be know as The Booer!!! I will do my best to spoil you as you so justly deserve.. Heres my first little prezzie.. Its the first of many for you..



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