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Memories of Enchanted Castle

When I returned to TSF in June 2002 after my hiatus,
II found out a friend from Noah's Ark, Nuallain, had begun her own team!
It was called Enchanted Castle and they were looking for help!
Of course, I joined right away!

I became DMaiden for EC!

I learned all sorts of stuff about TSF there, like how the voting worked,
different codes they used which made things easier, refined my HTMla dn FTP skills, etc.

Welcome to EC

I didn't go about it so much more differently then I did being a spirit.
I LOVED being a spirit and getting to know the fighters.


I really LOVED being a part of that team! (LOL, these were Valentine's Gifties!)

EC is 100% Spirit!

Cough Drops!   Caught You Shouting!

You can bet that I was still loving to shout it out!
One of my jobs was to tally up shout scores and send out awards!
I also worked on Team Birthdays and Team Charms.

Aww... Thanksgiving gifty from DNoo

Turkey Hunt!

As a hanksgiving Activity, we had a Team Turkey Hunt! We were all turkeys!

And then, a wonderful thing happened!

TSF Surfer Awards 2003

After a wonderful year, I was voted as best team assistant! It was one of the best days in my TSF career ;)

Thanks DNoo!

Thanks Nile!

It's sad to say, however, that after a whole year of being there, eventually things began to go down the drain.
I began working for the summer and didn't have a lot of time to contribute.
I just couldn't keep up and felt like I was dissapointing everyone, so I resigned.
I wasn't even able to make enough time to send out a goodbye e-mail, which is what i regret the most.

Despite it all, being a part of EC was a really wonderful experience!
I really hope that sometime when I have more free time, I can join up again in a different position! ^_^