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The Inkwell

The Inkwell

The Inkwell



Hello D'Moondust, D'Disciple, D'Parchment, D'Star Grace Scribe, D'Quill, and anyone else who may be reading this! :o) This is my submission for the Design the Inkwell contest. I hope you like it, I tried to do something a little original. *grin* If you don't wish to use this layout, feel free to save it or use any of the graphics as you wish if ever you should want it in the future. And you can always change it around too.

I used screenshots of the TSF Advertisment and DMain Stuff in this layout, which you'd replace with their proper codes. I used to be an Assistant at Enchanted Castle, and we used to use special insert codes for our pulldown menus - I'm assuming you do the same? I've put the coding for the pulldown menus on the left into a text file for you already.

Click on the following to download the zip files for this set: X - X - X

The font I used in the graphics is called Kaufmann. If you'd like me to, I'd be glad to make any headings that you'd want for the other pages.


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