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This music was left at DMessage Board by Lady Lisa Angel and I thoght it was fun!

Below, you'll see a gift sent to me by Janlar, one of Noah's Ark's fighters! We first met when I saw her shouting it out the same time as me one night, and I sent her a gift. On July 1st, she gave me this tasty cookie! Believe me, Janlar, I'm getting the munchies just thinking about it!!

Why hello there! And Merry Christmas to you!
What?? It's the summer, you say? And you can't have Christmas in the summer?
Well my friend, you are strongly mistaken!
On this July day in 2001, all of TSF is celebrating Christmas!

Why, look at all the gifts I've recieved!
Looks like there's one for each day of the month!

Wow! It's only July 16th and look at the gifts that have already been exchanged! Thank you Lady Lisa Angel, for leaving them for us down at DMessage Board

*lightbulb appears over head* Oh! I've got something fun to do! *laughs* Merry Christmas Janlar I hope you enjoy my gift,... YOU! I had Janlar wrapped up! Bad me! Someone save her.... If no one does, she'll have to wait until December 25th to be unwrapped!

I'm taking part in the Christmas in July spirt page contest! If you like this page, please take the time to Vote for me!
Thanks!! And Merry Christmas to You!

July 17th, 2001... lets see what there is to do today! Lets hop on over to the Christmas in July Pages! There's tons of things to do over there!!!!

Firstly, the July Comeback Hunt! Today I've got 11 found! ... You're right. Out of 40, that's not very much...


Oh look!! It's a beach Santa! *giggle* thought was fun!
Not to mention it shows the real Christmas in July Spirit!

Above is a gift I made especially for YOU! Feel free to take it *giggle*

July 18th... WOW! The month's half done... BUT WE STILL HAVE A WHOLE 'NOTHER HALF!!

The other day I signed up to be an elf: that way I could help Lady Lisa Angel by spreading the Christmas in July spirit! I'm now officially Elf Mana for Dream Gates... Now all I need are spirited things to do!!
Hmmm.... I plan on partying in DMessgage Boards and leaving perdy gifties in their books, but what else? Yesterday, I sent Willow (their team leader) a Christmas Spirit Flower, but i don't know if she recieved it *giggle* Oh... Want to see a preview of a gifty I made?? Here it is:

I thought it was a funny little gifty... though i haven't had the chance to send it out yet... I'm still trying to find a nice little Christmas-y rhyme to put in their guestbook... something catchy. See, that's what I do when I'm offline and my brothers are using the computer!

Woohoo! I'm OFFICIALLY in the 'Christmas in July Spirit Page' Roster!!!! YAAAAAAY! If you're interested in taking part, join up RIGHT NOW! Voting starts next monday and (including me) only two pages have enrolled!

"Christmas Time at Carol's" is very beautifully done :) You should drop my and visit her... Maybe even give her a vote!

Meanwhile, I'm going tr and make some more gifties for the Dream Gates dreamers.....

July 25th, 2001: It's Christmas In July day! Lets open the presents!
LOL, well, right now i'm at Guenivere and Launcelot's Forest DMesssage Board where there's tons of partying goin' on! In fact, come by and join us if you can! I know I'll be checking in lots of timesn throughout the day. I mean, it's CHRISTMAS afterall! Below are some of the giftiesI got!

Whoa! What a haul! And all in the same thread at DMessage Board too!
:-D In return, I made a gift for everyone too!

And I leave it here especially for you to have! Speaking of gifts, I hope Willow of the Dream Gates team recieved the gift I sent them! Not only did I sign their guestbook with one, I e-mailed them one too ;)

Aww, it's awfully cute isn't it!I like this one better then the other one *grin* Whoops! i just realise now that I forgot the date! Ah well! I hope they'll be able to join us at DMessage Boards! I'll be leaving lots more gifts there as i visit, I think...

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